Pig [2021]: Film Review

Realised mid 2021, Pig tells the story of Rob (Nicholas Cage), a truffle forager living in the Oregon wilderness with only his foraging pig for company. Until one night unidentified assailants break into Robs cabin – kidnapping his beloved pig and violently assaulting him in the process.
Rob then begins his search for the pig leading him back to Portland – where he confronts shady underground figures, high end restaurant suppliers and the haunting memories of his past.

Upon hearing the plot one may expect a sort of John Wick style revenge film – perhaps resembling Cages 2018 film Mandy – or some kind of absurd comedy. However Sarnoski provides us with quite the opposite. The film is at times deep, emotional, melancholic and even somewhat existential. Upon leaving the theatre I over heard other movie goers saying some scenes had them in tears.

Pig is the directorial debut of Michael Sarnoski. I’m unfamiliar with Sarnoskis other work on series such as Olympia or his various shorts but the fantastic directing of Pig shows real talent. I’m sure he’ll be producing my great films in the future.
One can’t mention this film without mentioning the performance of lead actor Nicholas Cage – who some dismiss as being a sort of “meme” actor due to some of his more eccentric past roles in films such as Vampires Kiss (1988) and Ghost Rider (2007). Pig proves that Cage can be a serious actor portraying serious emotion. It’s also worth mentioning that actors Alex Wolf and Adam Arkin also preformed excellently alongside the legendary Nicolas Cage.

I predict this film will makes its way into the Criterion Collection and I’ll conclude by saying that Pig is a truly heart-felt masterpiece.

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